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tv   Book TV After Words  CSPAN  December 3, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EST

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vivid privfiber in red. i know mr. purple is the color of rights people when i look of red i loren is and regal. you have the red and black diamonds and do not forget about this beautiful gallery. the in shades and a heart which symbolizes love but this is such at $425 and today we are offering ended at 30 dollars off have sizes 5-10ilable and the rubio volt is a 9 mm it is my in madagascarined in.
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you have the filigree scroll work and the bead design and it just feels also like a vintage piecee collar combination is striking. you have a vibrant rich vibrant red and is not a truccolor treated ruby. red is so is associated with energy and passion and love. you feel this when you see this ring i love the design is so unique and feminine. the item number 930- 931 and the price $169.90.
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>>host: for flex payments for the beautiful white diamond art deco pinnacle brace that that was a place for over $1,000. you can pick this up today for payments and we do have two sizes is that available? if 2 sizes available, the 7 in. the most limited we do have about 30 of 7 in. and about 60 and the six and three quarter inch, it
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an antique looking art deco and it is precious delicate, remember that your diamonds can be worn every 099-603 assure item number on that. also available, matching ring and we're calling3 circles. blue and white diamonds again, this is the first time, low price and this looks like a rosebud.$95 off today we're offering 3 flexible payments and this is an insane $129.90 and these are reared the diamonds, very special ring, i think it looks like 8 rosebud it and we're calling it the circles ring but however you want to interpret it, this is the lowest price ever so take it vantage of that, do not let that go way 182-153.daily 14 k gold at and that we
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have in this entire 2 hour block, 14 k gold instead earrings and how fabulous that you get to choose the other you have your option of the black green red . that is $20 off today the hsn price $129.30 flexible payments they do make a perfect holiday gift, second stop for an perfect for the person you don't know what to get, this is an exceptional case and how about a brand new baby granddaughter that you have, expectant mom, it is exceptional you can get 14 k gold and your choice of colored diamonds. and let us get started with a beautiful ring, it is made for a
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princess and the princess to know and love will buy you the ring. it isring princess style than it does look like a beautiful pink and white snowflake. we do have about 40 available that will be. get pink has always symbolized femina mandate an increase in love in it is exactly is the most delicate a beautiful ring, pink safire switchers so coveted because you know that sapphire's come in many colors but some liberties are always over pink gemstones in diamonds and you have the white diamond set to contrast so beautifully.this is over one ct of the pink safire and white diamonds and this is if you are wondering about the amount of sapphire, it is 74 points of the pink safire which is in the crumb them family,
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--corundum. we do have pink ends in flower petals around the ends and you do have white diamonds which will be toe center pink safire and the diamonds that you have traveling down the shoulders and what to show you how this will sit on the thinker, opened a gallery designing new ones that when you buy beautiful quality gems sends you won the open galleries soak the light will flood and eliminate the ring and make it shine and sparkle. atamazing price and 4 flexible payments ofis is the last gemstones of the year. marked colored diamonds show february to think ahead because these prices probably will not be available february and is fancy dancing beautiful of gems,
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we only have limited, we start off with limited amounts and you cannot massand is a process that is incredibly. $179.90 it is a beautiful ring for a beautiful my good friend should bonds are not who is a host of his been here for many here she said that she thought this would be a beautiful engagement ring and have to agree with her because so many babies right now are looking for different one-of-a- kind pieces and you don't want the same thing anymore. agree, this is a beautiful ballerina style, it does look like pink and snow flake on your finger at this delicate and graceful because we do have 28 available and will let you know when it sells out but if you want it, do not wait
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on it. it will fly out the we're moving down to a fabulous piece that is pretty. this is the 99.7 blue and white diamonds, that is pretty and it is gorgeous and so delicate, open heart pendant it does, the 18 in. chain see you do have alternating prongs that blue and white diamonds, 18 in. ropespring up ring class on that and there is nothing more iconic in the heart motif for symbol perry said and this is the number one silhouette here at hsn for many it, this is the universal symbol of love in the bag that you can pick it up today and your precious metals and sterling silver in your incredibly and coveted blue diamond's with white diamonds and look at the fire on
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those. look at the sparkle of blue diamonds and this is light, berry because notice had delicate in this i will show you the size of it and it comes in at about inch and 11th it truly is special and you have a total wake up 99 points, it is a hair off one ct. 48 pointsrot of white diamonds and this is truly an exceptional piece and i do think this is ageless so maybe you are looking for the special to gift for your for your grandchild that is in college and for that special someone in your life but when about for your mom, grandmother, this is standing, it is incredibly feminine, it is just priceless and there is something about the combination of the blue and white that is so striking. if
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you love london blue topaz, that looks like. incredibly rare as is the blue rhodium accenting and then look at that, this is the time of year where we see all of these beautiful christmas adorning everyone's homes and this is just a string of lights. it is hanging beautiful down your neck and on one of the beautiful parts every woman's body. you do have this available and you have the delicate nature and is incredibly delicate issue is the fine string it is not overpowering or big and bold, it is just a delicate piece of jewelry which i do think it makes every day where all. this is an investment piece set $539 but take a look at the appraisal value.our
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most modest price was close $1,000. how rare the peak blue devon's are and how fiery the diamonds are in the fact that you are getting them set in sterling silver wonderful that we offer the 4 flexible and we do have extended 3 turns take advantage of that whether you are shopping for yourself for the person you we have been to generate 31st, 2013 to make that decision. 218-784 is for item number. this is a heart, but a symbolic strong, powerful gesture of love.and let us travel italy for a book will ring and i do think that we have this straight now because the color confucian
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happened. the coffee is the dark brown and i want to show you side-by-side the difference. looks like chocolate diamonds there and then here is the cocoa and this is your champagne. really have side 6 in the cocoa. that is all we have then been you have the coffee here is sure beautiful blue, that is pretty and how about the red ? i will tell you look right off the red is the most rare, a coveted of the colored diamond so if you are fancy
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diamonds, if you weren't looking for the rest of you want to go for their bread. all look them, they are just beautiful and sparkly and lustrous and they are justgoing to catch light and is a what is interesting is that is not to the victorian era because they did not set of both of all of that good stuff and lots about gold jewelry and at this same time, it is and in contemporary. it is a ring that you will wear day in day out and notice the wi dthand that ring. we do have sizes 5- 10 on all above except for the cocoa. only a
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champagne color. 31 points total in a customer pick with over 330 reviews and it is a ring is the love it here at hsn that really does so well off but we got it back in stock, it is a great rate order for the holidays of plum , $20 off on the best- selling diamond bought gold ring-- buckle. you have been white diamonds on the actual but all on the ring and the mill brain de telling is fabulous and the sinn for comfort in you will be what to read this day in and day out and i do appreciate that i just a ring. it is fresh and smart and easy to wear uncomfortable, take a look that holiday price, this was appraised at close $400, $389 was the most modest appraisedand
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are holiday prices $119.90 and 4 flexible payments of $29.98 in these are colored diamonds and they are so rare and coveted diamonds have been coveted and cherished for thousands of years and it is incredibly resilient gemstone and it is so strong and on 10 on the scale, the highest number you can get on that mineral strenth and it does branca 10 diamond star used to in graving cut metal, it is incredible to think something that is so rare and so incredibly durable because i don't know about you but if i have paid good money for something and it is so rare, i do not want to wear it. not the case with diamonds, you can read them and they're incredibly strong at this article, oftenvdesign is. this is ageless as well because it is young
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light-hearted inches will bring a smile to your face but then it does look like the finest jewelry . very sophisticated thing you think it is% onlyou have 4 flexible payments and we have all of these fabulous colors, go ahead and get your hands on it while you can. we cannot just keep our hands on it, we do sellout images cut back for the holidays said this is from last colored diamond gemstone show of the year. of a price, and think ahead because the colored diamond show will be in february valentine's day in may not have access to these prices so if you go for it pick up more than one, put it away for the special someone on your list, this is a fabulous customer pick.952- 531. it is a
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perfect band6 c13 perry said still to come in this hour, our number one selling diamonds across pennant that we have here at hsn you know our extensive assortment and you can choose champaign, blue, or how about the red .one reviewer said she collects antique crosses and she had to have this, it stunning 32.7 diamonds. $129.90 coming toward getting the cross and you are getting the chain and one to tell you i want to let you know so you are not surprised when you get this home, it is a nice, beautiful piece it will draw the eye and in you will not want to put away but you take this off, this is a piece to display, it is that beautiful.
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565-177. we have sold half of our quantity on these hearings and you will love these in these are the only 14 k pieces that we have the two hours. it is the only item that i have been 14 k: how fabulous said it is a genuine diamond said that is natural a dime in and how great that you can choose in your color. fred will be the first to go but you can choose green or black genuine diamonds and they did come in it in at a quarter of a ct in their 25 we have about 70 left, look of the grain, look of the bread so vibrant and then you have the black. that this special. a stock and stock for and it is great for the jewelry collector that once a rare colored diamonds but also for someone who is
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starting their jewelry collection and now also available and another art deco style ring which is so pretty and it does look like a little gift box i just love it.3 champagne dime and some black spinel, i love the contrast but it does look like a gift box. it is geometric take a look at the appraised value in the hsn price today, payments but those flexible payments may get so sensible. this is the real thing and 4 flexible payments $69.98, sizes 6- 10 available. 203- 973 what we're talking about lustrous gem stones, we will have another presentation at the very best value of
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the day is herkimer cord 6 mm and these are so special, 6 mm stiletto unbelievable to get under $50 and added to taxable payments but they are referred to will not say is said to want to confuse you but there are referred to as herkimer can only find in one place in the world, they look like rough cut diamonds they sparkle beautifully, the cash light, and they do draw like to your skin in your face in the value cannot the third such a genuine, rare gem because you cannot find it anywhere else in the world but in herkimer new york 217-396 and this we have sold since midnight over 15,000 in the last time we presented these hearings we sold about in
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seconds so are record-breaking hear it hsn we cannot believe we got our hands on them again. 217-396 is your item number and talk about right and the perfect like we all need a little help with the router face and right now i do have the hsn spotlight with brett chuckerman and you can consider yourself in the know. and >>host: brett chuckerman in hsn spotlight and two out of every three households use nordic ware and you can join the family of and affordable kitchenware right now at hsn reship been on nordic they wear, get the products you want completely free and affordable cook where right now at hsn .com [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] in >>host: c13 she looks this morning with the vibrant green, i love the christmas trees at hsn tried to replicate them at home but not quite does not look as pretty but let's get started because have been shopping beautiful colored diamonds and take a look at piece we're so proud of the jewelry buyers to make great job and this is a beautiful art deco been " style praise it is brand new, 099-603 and this was
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appraised at over $1,000 and today you can pick it up, we have two sizes we six and three quarter inch which is the 7 in. which $599.90. when you have are gorgeous blue and white diamonds in the fascinating art deco design because they go shopping for jewelry that is not always the case, we do not always find your size available. brand new for you coming you have 4 flexible payments which makes it easier to get it home and want to let you know, 6 and 3 1/4 inch we 60 available and on the 7 in. we do have about 30 incredibly the men did and as we said at the top of outdoor fair shot before blue diamond's. all of
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the blue diamond pieces are incredibly led 10 not only are prepared their very limited. this bangle is spectacular, it is a gorgeous design, does a art deco motif, blue diamond said alternate with the white and i want to show you the box classic here and it is a latch which is so reminiscent the finest old rate and then you have this button and it is a hinged and look at the inside. you get you are paying for but you have exceptional quality and craftsmanship finished on the inside is one that is what you come to expect when you are picking up fine jewelry . but a fabulous delicate looking it looks phenomenal on any woman'sst it is feminine delicate and you can see the history of this we're calling this art deco but if you study and joe
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murray errors community art deco. pretty much+ from the two previous era.if the fluid lines in feminine pieces of you can see that and this and then we had garden style of jewelry . it was meant to like lace and very feminine and and delicate and insert lace see that here and then you do have the art deco influence with the geometric shapes there. we do have about a minute and half for you to shop on this and i do want you to take advantage of this because we have about 90 available between both sizes about3 the other and one is gone, it is gone. it is not easy to set those diamonds. you can see how those are set , you do have the3 alternating blue diamonds the black rhodium that exceed blue
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diamond's pop yet the fire and the luster of the white but this is a truly a wow for yourself for the person that this year to you you cannot be this. this is a piece that is where they do not see every day, it really is because it is simons, it everyday wear a bow, the person knew by ford does not have to worry about diamond severed shipping, there was all yet in this screams luxury glamour, extremes of wealthlike a vintage piece and everything old is new again.we're always looking for pieces that are interesting and this is so very different and we have a matching ring coming up as you are seeing there, both pieces together. if you
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like to get the set the do have the rate available but the bracelet is 603, two sizes available for you. it is fabulous in we do have a size for you, we out and here is the matching ring. >>host: i love that it is easy to put on kerrigan. here is a fabulous ring of we're calling this the circles bring and i sought and i thought up a little rose petal or rosebud because it is dimensional. and it is really pretty and you know, i also thoughtdrop with royal
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couple in a pond and you do see the softer balls of the water or how about the japanese and gardens when they move the santa brown and there are these delicate patterns it truly is stunning. i love the contrast of the bloke against the black rhodium accenting and i do love the christmas of the optic white.the sparkle andire in leicester and then, take a look at that price because you are getting a lot of weight here.notice the band, this of $43.30 appraised at $539, that was the most modern-- modest will enjoy this in at a top party this looks and i do think it is just big enough to where it will make a statement but delicate enough for it is just, if you have a more delicate hand or a dinner
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finnmark, i will not a power your hand, it is a beautiful diamond ps it is spectacular, you do not have to be a blue love for, all of the blue diamond pieces are rare already and blue timons are incredibly rare and the fact that they're incredibly the mantid make it makes it a little more complicated. you can see why this is going so quickly. and it is the areas of the circle overlap and in this at a beautiful design, and looks like a cal tech not as well.ery symbolic and beautiful. open to interpretation and i don't know if you've been out to california but the getty museum in malibu, it does have a wonderful guarded area and it does have the geometric designs so that they are circles in the bushes and the hedges have been trimmed deny you do is go london
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internet search in malibu and you can see what i am talking about but it is just a spectacular piece very compelling and different and unique, it is open to interpretation, it truly is our what a 2-153 the do have a3 weight of 37 and the blue you have 29 points and in diamondback cents and we have all these sizes available? 6-eleven still available, get in on this price. this is last caller gemstone show of the year. you will not be seeing the color that and show every year. 21 not be getting the fact of the sales until february. i do want you to think ahead because you all sold new selection, if these prices may not be available so do not miss out on this.
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this fix easy to get it home, this is the real thing. this is precious metals, sterling silver with a broken it is in the platinum family makes it stronger and 60 silver more lustrous and then you have a rare blue diamond. it is reallyial and i do love this open to interpretation and that the u.n. this with jeans look clubs, i you've written this summer, winter, with this but they're fabulous cocktail dress, it is a special piece and maybe you are a december baby. it is a celebration of blue and there's something about the blue that is soothingand refreshing and is that a coincidence and most people, most adults their favorite color is blue and there is a statistic that says it is close to 50 percent of the dogs
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of their favorite color is blue, that is a big number and you can understand what we pick up so many pieces. i love the size of this also. this is not to get rid this to mention yet it comes in and about half an inch there. each and every one of the segments have been set and they have to be beautifully matched in 800 cal and you have the curse the and notice the size of the band, plus a silver look at the underside, it is finished as of
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its it's beautifully on the finger and not too high where it will catch every time you stick your hand in your pocket or handbag, it really is an everyday wear copious it is incredibly comfortable, beautifully made, or just cropped and ship when you look at this c13 you consider how rare it this, and how one-of-a-kind it is, 152-153 issuers circles ring, if you live in the culmination of blue and white wheat to have the other options. shell, it has in a
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prison riot $530. order offering and today 4 flexible payments of $49.502 went into these not meant dennis, this is the way mother nature made them swimming but this up on my way to look of the price and they well it is an investment for meggett and errors to me and also available, this is so special prayer
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what 8 ringgit for a queen. the with that it will reflect light in this lovely, slightly curved it does actually sit on they think are really beautifully but also it does that high, it is meant to be thick tumbled $99.98. since 6/ralph reed 3 prices here at hsn . coming up now how fabulous is this beautiful cross and dead. timothy they used to collect their crosses this issue so that she had to have this. tracy is asking if i
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and then after a sour and i am and done the deed.brett chuckerman is coming up after our football been shut and this is lovely nude chat with us and come on into our family you could use the blue with blessed to have available for use the red . the champagne done. in any color you choose and most of
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the lace cross and this is a bit of all open designer has of it will lead to constitute a bezel set them in. and is light and airy. in this is a really this is a substantial cross the content of about 2 in. user
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2400 of these this is the best-selling cross, it is a fabulous 7 fey but often paint that safire they pink safire bell rang and rang household help and waitlist is available within to get at home, you will love it, the ballet pink, so very pretty and feminine. this piece here, this on the neckline, what a gorgeous piece. accenting the neckline make you have a dramatic neckline on holiday dress, this will look so spectacular but also it does
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have is they see filtering in and doesn't look like art and jewelry . my niece in and just got this one teen 1 this year but she is looking for something a lot smaller is stunning, this looks like a museum and it looked like something that should be encased in glass in a piece of a shot of did he
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tell you here, i want to tell you all of the different points of diamonds, you cannot go wrong. she should cut out the use of available we do have their bread the red the bread it is spectacular--red the champagne is just beautiful and neutral6 c13 neutral tones coming you cannot go wrong with the classic blue right there.
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565-when 77. 3 flexible payments will make a compelling it $43.30. right we will check in with my c13 checked brett chuckerman has a fabulous foot washing-shop to they're treating yourself and shopping for a beautiful diamonds. we had to fantastic hours of football fan sure by throw, their self some postponed shipment to flexible payments would you are hadrosaur patriots, we do have is that it is sure
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lasted to get at the holiday price under $100, you will get a great park best and the hoodie, with college 83 and the vault and synopsizes available. [commercial]
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[commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: good morning and think for tinian to hsn i don't know if you're kidding home or biking the purchase cannot sleep what ever it as i am to wear a hair shot through with this and this is the last other demands of the year 60
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peridot but this is the only 14 k gold item in my hand and this is what it but it but to offer for purchasing a cold since intends in different and unique and that is what we went and looked at that. that evidence in a honest and he is at a school, he
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is a fabulous said to have 14 k gold said earrings like the real thing? how about a coup that this got her ears pierced and my family appears my ears it wasn't even when you're old and a pierced my ears and i would have loved wearing these is a baby. and did not work a lot of 14 kit " because the prices are really difficult to year but the prices of the
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bread will they fought so we will keep you updated on that and the red diamonds are so rare and 7 trollers say that even seen them in person. and the black this is a perfect gift for our lucy your eye that we are going to 1 $29. and parents about what the pair fell one that is all we have financier gone, 2.5 ct an account to a
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few are on the phone line with the redow sold out so i will lead to them of if we can come in close to this because it is sending, this is the best.and those in need a pair of 14 cases and make a stew of a colored diamonds where the mid to two cameras,
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this is a special piece, it looks like a gift box to with its perfect event are may be flown a phone $279.90 and 4 flexible cesses said the six and a minister gemstones': a and
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this is and, really comfortable to wear it and it is heaven upon latest book clothes on. and in need to have the strength and the trauma of duplex and now and then new to have that happen to know who winter was rated as a pink to track and i buy random as as a succession still available and it is a plan to bring as a and often all of the
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centers of the four sections and have both the black and tapir shoulder so it is ceasing comfortable to wear and tilted to remove @ 5. you have five points of champagne feminist,hope you enjoyed the colored diamonds but now we will give you another presentation of the best value of the day, this ishe today's special.
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this is the first ever her airing, the today's special. offered and this is a stone that by popular demand, it is really the elegant, icy sparkle look of diamonds without the diamond the price tag. this is considered is only harvested or mined in one place in the broad and that is herkimer county in new york and cannot get anywhere also are pretty incredibly and also, it is a stone what it gemstone do know that comes as the kurds with the fasting? is a harder
3:53 am
courts then your usual words, since midnight take a look at that number on the screen, we sold over 15,000 of these and this is the best price the liver offer because we do have them $69 and change and those sold out and about a couple of seconds we broke records and they sold out in 30 seconds. today we bring you this fabulous data style, they look like rough cut diamonds and they do sparkle, like each
3:54 am
of their remarkable is the resume blooming, mon the when you did what they incur warranty and $49.90 if you're shopping tips come in there is nothing more spectacular and they did a beautiful with any complexion, hair fur and a bad day of the great with denim but also because of the white diamonds they possess that tenants, he said with this circuit this and it is truly a tree. you're
3:55 am
owning a piece of america, the united states, this is creating jobs in new york, herkimer county new york. this mind and made in the then states and this is the service and make the artist was talking he said and this is a cherrystone physicists and in nevada this is five lint years old. that tralee is something special but herkimerquits possesses the diamond that sparkle and the thought the time and cost, and you've loved a circle and is an ancient that
3:56 am
looks like ice, as of of where i can the inerrant incredibly rare stone because naturally it is so will turn did. it has this profile to plants in each of those men pile of red and since national home this
3:57 am
is an natural american physical, contemporary areolas sign. she is a self- taught6 c13 his senate misled that and and that is all but sterling
3:58 am
silver precious metals and suede scenarios a move the summit at about one in 9167 it london close to 2 in. and build and common stock that it is it's an air drop jury did this straight and loan king and only find in one part of the world and that is herkimer county new york stronger than your usual course, it is naturally 18
3:59 am
faceted. we the earrings and the past and this is sold out in 30 seconds into date will not make it through the day. to not miss out on this and if you're looking for thefire and the light, and the foster of diamonds you can not afford the price, a lot of the chat was say nothing of the selection but cannot afford the prices, if you do about that sparkle of a and they cannot afford to them in price, you may want to book at this from our courts their fund and did look like rock candy perry


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